Letter: Remember when...?


Remember when Taos looks clean and inviting? Remember when tourism flourished? Few of us do, and for many of us those days seem behind us, mostly due to a weak economy as well as the reality that some business owners fail to maintain properties while at the same time jacking up rents.

Our town council can do something about that through a variety of municipal options.

Developers may also be part of the solution, by being creative, especially when they step-up and are held accountable for the best our town standards can offer — some even do even on their own initiative.

High-rise hotels are not a part of the solution – especially while the historic district remains an eyesore with crumbling infrastructure, which turns locals and visitors away.

Our citizens are the most important players in this debate, which will determine the future of Taos.

What do you want Taos to be?

Attend a City Council meeting – the next one being on Aug. 8 – where much of these discussions takes place and decisions are made which will affect us all regarding what kind of town Taos is to become.

Help us recreate Taos as a town we are proud to live in.

– Jeremy Landau, Ranchos de Taos