Letter: Puzzled in Questa


Having lived in Questa for several years after retiring here from the southern part of the state, I have some questions for which I have found no answers. I am hoping someone can help.

1. Taos County drivers seem to pass any and every car in front of them. No-passing zones, slow traffic, road construction – doesn’t matter. Is everyone in a hurry? Am I driving too slowly if I’m right at the speed limit?

2. Every southern N.M. Mexican food restaurant where I’ve ever had the joy to dine brought complimentary chips & salsa as soon as I sat down. Why not in Taos?

3. The folks on the corners asking for donations with the signs “help a local artist” ... are they really artists? If they are and they displayed some of their work, I would maybe buy some or at least help them out. Until then, I will help others, but I think they are fibbing to me.

4. Local restaurants serving “authentic New Mexican cuisine” but using instant rice – is that authentic? If it is, it’s not delicious. And now about the beans. Are southern New Mexico beans cooked with a piece of pork, a ham hock, or lard, but northern New Mexico beans just boiled in water?

5. When big loads on the highway are accompanied by law enforcement – isn’t that a service the people moving the big load should be paying for?

Please understand, I am loving living in Taos County. Cerro Vista Farm – the most beautiful produce ever. The Millicent Rogers Museum – what a treasure! Hamburgers at the Wildcat’s Den – I’ve never had a better burger. The french fries at Farmhouse Café – oh my! Arroyo Seco makes me happy just to drive through it. OCHO Arts & Events venue in Questa – we are so lucky. The Taos Visitor’s Center should be on everyone’s list of ‘places to take visitors’ – it’s the best visitor’s center I have seen – except maybe the ones in Florida where you get free orange juice. And the people are very friendly and welcoming – a wonderful thing indeed.

There is a lot to love, but those 5 questions simply puzzle me.

– Dawn Provencher, Happily retired in Questa