Letter: Pesticides harmful to dogs, other animals


Recently, I have learned again that bee populations around Taos are diminishing at an alarming rate. And, I see that the shelves in Taos hardware stores are fully stocked with Roundup and other toxic substances.

Surely, it must be clear that herbicides and pesticides cause serious illness to bees, people and other animals, wild and domestic. (About 47 percent of dogs in the U.S. have some form of cancer, including my dog.)

In 1938 Dr. Rachel Carson, with her exhaustive research, explained the consequences of toxic chemicals in our environment. Study after study since then have come to the same conclusion.

It seems 80 years of evidence is not enough for the U.S. and Taos to ban these substances. They should never be used on our fields, roadsides, gardens or lawns.

European countries banned Roundup and similar poisons years ago. But their politicians are not vulnerable to pressure and money from Monsanto and Dow Chemicals. I will not patronize stores in Taos who stock Roundup. I hope others will take this step to protect the health of ourselves and our animals.

Katherine Bensusen, El Prado