Letter to the editor

Letter: Livestock use traditional on Río Fernando


In response to letter from Mr. Yeargin in The Taos News:

I believe this is the second time I've read articles on the subject of the alleged destruction of the watershed on the Upper Río Fernando by livestock. My family and other ranchers in the Taos area have used this God-given right to graze our livestock for a number of centuries.

As a youngster (1945-1955), our family grazed sheep and cattle in the Tienditas area where we sheared, docked and nurtured our livestock. Then on over the mountain chain to Tres Ritos for the rest of the summer. Since the 1960s, a lot of good people have come to Taos. Others have come to see what they can get out of it. As usual people like you have their own agendas, which are one-sided. What about the numerous homes with septic tanks and drain fields on both sides of the Río Fernando? Livestock do not put out soaps, chemicals and who knows what else. How many sealed (septic) vaults are there?

You mention the Environmental Agency, another failed federal agency that looks the other way. If you are so concerned, complain to the Environmental Protection Agency. I know for a fact that the Forest Service is more qualified to manage our forests than transplants like you.

If something offends you in Taos, go back to where you come from. If you can remember people like you are the ones destroying our once beautiful and peaceful town.

May God restore the blessing of this once great nation.

– Vincent A. Martinez, Taos