Letter: Instead of criticizing, help out


I had a meeting recently with two board members from Stray Hearts. What should have taken 30 minutes, took two and a half hours. Why? Because we were constantly interrupted by staff that had questions or important messages. Their cramped office space also houses kennels for pets that need quarantine. Pets were being moved in and out.

The board members volunteer their time to serve on the board & whatever else is needed. When there is no Executive Director, it means they need to cover this paid position with no pay & no experience, or close the facility. They are sacrificing their health & their time because they care about the animals.

There has been a lot of criticism about how Stray Hearts is being run. You may or may not have some good suggestions on what could be done, however, I’m a witness to the fact that these people are doing their best just to maintain daily activities, prioritizing needs and search for a qualified director.

For those of you that have the time and energy to criticize, how about using that to contact Stray Hearts and asking how you can help? Their telephone is (575) 758-2981 & their address is 1200 St. Francis Lane, Taos.

You could also thank the board members, staff and volunteers for all that they do.

It’s not them and us. We are a community that benefits from the services they provide. Let’s come together, as I know we can do.

– Diane Dau, New Mexico