Letter: Immigration protests - political theater?


About the protests over illegal immigration: The country has immigration processes and laws in place that must be enforced. On 9/11, 2,976 American citizens were murdered, and 6,000 were injured by foreigners because of loose immigration policies. These policies were then upgraded and enforced more stringently in order to protect citizens from more terrorism. During the Obama administration more than 2 million illegal immigrants were deported and many more families were separated, compared to the current situation. So why is there such violent concern about illegal immigration policies now?

The current concern and disproportionate hysteria over illegal immigrants is very suspect.

Given the much smaller number of people affected, compared to President Obama's record and the extreme reactions of protests, the current attentions are political theater disguised as genuine sympathy. For the safety of all of us, we need immigration laws and enforcement. If we believe that everyone who enters the country illegally should be allowed to live here permanently; or, as several Democrat politicians advocate, that we should open all our borders, and disband our immigration control agency, we will create opportunities for another 9/11 event and none of us want to live through that again.

– Ed Forde, Valdez