Letter: If Sir Doyle could write a book today...


Republicans agree that it was fine when the 2000 election was thrown to Bush when the Supreme Court (oops) forgot their Federalism, to empower he who started the war in Iraq, he who prints pictures of maimed veterans, he who refuses to gather up his gang, (one of whom lives here in Taos) and get over to the Hague and turn themselves over to be tried as war criminals, and he who is killing people all over the Levant (a portion of the Eastern Mediterranean including Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Turkey and Iraq) to this day.

Republicans agreed with obstructionism during Obama’s dignified eight years and that there was too much melanin living in the White House.

Republicans agree that white whining was justified and helped them win the 2016 election. But did the self-pitiers ever care, say, about the state of the American Dream in America’s inner cities? Did they stand up, speak out or march for the American citizens in Cleveland, Camden, anywhere?

And now Trump. Identity politics rule the day, aided by the religious right, who apparently can’t recite the Beatitudes. If only Sir A. Conan Doyle were alive now, perhaps the author would pen and we could read, “The Straw Dog of the Baskervilles.”

– Terrence Kopet, U.S.Marine Corps, ret., Taos