Letter to the editor

Letter: Good things are happening in Taos


Currently, negative occurrences dominate the news. This is unfortunate, because good things are also occurring. We must recognize and offer thanks for these events.

Shortly before the beginning of school, when I was patronizing my beauty salon, I learned that Valorie and Chris of It’s a Small World in Taos Salon provided free haircuts to over 90 youngsters during the course of a long work day. Thanks to these two individuals, the children were able to enjoy a fashionable start to the school year. Valorie Cardenas provides this service on an annual basis, and Chris, as a newcomer to this project, happily offered his services.

As a lucky recent recipient of Taos Living Treasures distinction, I’d like to thank the following: Luzita Trujillo, chairman; members of the Taos Living Treasures committee; the Taos Ski Valley and Taos Community Foundation; Taos High School activities director Nickie McCarty and custodians; an anonymous donor; the news media; and the entertainers and speakers; and anyone else involved for the wonderful event of Aug. 13, 2017. I know that keeping the program alive is always a challenge because of financial aspects. I challenge members of the public to help with financial support/sponsorships (any amount) to insure the continuation of the program.

Yes, good things are happening in our community. We must enjoy these occurrences and appreciate them. Participate in the positive aspects offered by volunteer service of caring individuals and organizations.

– Kathy Cόrdova, El Prado, NM