Letter: Get the lard out


I enjoy biscocitos just as much as all New Mexicans. However promoting lard and sugar in your headlines (is) very unhealthy. Many Taoseños are already facing diabetes and high cholesterol, so those headlines concern me. Next contest can you focus on creating health promoting biscocitos for your contest. 90 percent of diseases occurs from what we consume; I have many loved ones in Taos who could benefit from eating healthy alternatives. A healthy lifestyle can not only prevent disease but also reverse it. Date sugar is a great alternative. It provides nutrients whereas white sugar has none. Anise is excellent and healthy and already in the cookie. I love New Mexico's traditions and the food is amazing, however it is so important to take foods such as lard and sugar out of our diet these foods cause cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

I write this in love and hope you take no offense. We Americans follow a different diet than the rest of the world and we have one of the highest rates of disease.

Stay healthy.

Much respect,

Toni Trujillo, Taos