Letter: Extend time before rental late fee


Since everything in this society has to be “War,” let’s talk about just one aspect of the War Between Landlords and Tenants.

Most people seem to be unaware that a thing that is legal in New Mexico is for the landlord to charge the tenant $25 if the rent is even one day late.

Perhaps $25 may not seem to be a great deal, but it is if one is on a low and/or fixed income, particularly if one is elderly and on Social Security or (even less) Supplemental Social Security.

There can be many reasons why a rent payment is late. If one pays by mail, the post office may lose the check. (Which happened to me this month.) Or one may be seriously ill. Or have lost a job. Or, may have a job, but not get paid on time. (Yes, this happens!)

Therefore I most earnestly suggest that this ruling be modestly altered to five business days, before the late fee kicks in. This is hardly earth-shaking, and I urge our legislative representatives to write and submit it in the next session.

– Joanne Forman, Talpa