Letter: ER only for real emergencies


I wish to respond to Rosemary Suazo’s “My Turn” letter to Taos News Nov. 2 issue.

I am a registered nurse who served as an insurance analyst for Johns Hopkins Healthcare before retiring to Taos five years ago.

Too many people misinterpret the role of the emergency room in their overall health care. The ER is exactly what its name implies – for emergencies: if you break a bone, accident, chest pain, bleeding, difficulty breathing, etc. If you have cold symptoms, have an upset stomach, hurt your back yesterday moving furniture or “think” you might be coming down with flu – go to urgent care. That’s what urgent care is for.

I consider Holy Cross emergency services to be excellent. My two personal experiences were for chest pain and difficulty breathing. My care was expedient and professional.

– Jean Lipman-Troxel, Ranchos de Taos