Letter to the editor

Letter: Choose Maggio for Taos police chief


Honorable Mayor Barrone and Town Council Members,

My name is Michael Vigil; I was a lifelong resident of Taos up until two years ago, when I left for a job in Albuquerque. I am a Management Analyst for the U.S. Forest Service at the Albuquerque Service Center. I am writing this email to voice my opinion about the selection of the next Police Chief of the Taos Police Department. I have been watching closely and paying special attention to this process, because I have friends and family that still reside in Taos; and many of my friends and family are in law enforcement. I want to say first and foremost; that I am not against any candidate; because I feel anyone that serves in law enforcement is a respectable and honorable human being. To leave for work every single day, not knowing if you will make it home after your shift, takes a special type of person.

However, I do want to offer my recommendation and opinion in support of David Maggio, Interim Police Chief. Lt. Maggio has shown his true loyalty to the citizens of Taos and Taos County. He has also demonstrated his loyalty to you Mayor Barrone and the Town Council. Lt. Maggio has auditioned for months for the opportunity to serve as the Police Chief; he has done this with a positive attitude and a professional demeanor. He has handled difficult situations and high profile crimes in an exemplary manner. He has swallowed his pride and trained a number of Police Chiefs brought in from out of town or other municipalities after serving as the Interim Chief. His experience and background speak for themselves.

Sgt. David Trujillo would be a good choice as well; but he does not have the background or experience, equal to what Lt. Maggio brings to the department. Sgt. Trujillo stated that himself at the Forum. He said Lt. Maggio was his mentor. So why pass up the mentor for the mentee?

To me; this decision is a common sense decision. Make the right and just choice; and select the man that has given to this community; and has already auditioned for this job, in an untarnished manner. Do the right thing; take the title of Interim Police Chief and make it Police Chief David Maggio.

– Michael Vigil, Albuquerque