Letter: Bellis could be a liability for mayor’s re-election


I respect Mayor Dan Barrone and wish him well. True loyalty is a rare virtue in this world and, to his credit, Barrone is a loyal man. Unfortunately, his unwavering support for his town manager, Rick Bellis, could end up costing him the election.

Once, in a humorous article, The Taos News asked Taoseños’ opinions on who should be voted “off the island.” If the newspaper repeated that poll today, Bellis would probably get more votes than anyone.

It looks like the mayor’s anticipated re-election bid could be derailed by widespread, legitimate concerns about Bellis’s high-handed management style and his repeated circumventing of the public process. Many fans of the mayor would like to see him make a fresh start with a new town manager and with more transparency and public participation in key decisions.

As a management professional, Bellis always knew that he might have to relocate to stay on his chosen career path. In loyalty to Barrone, Bellis should offer to resign and move on. If he does, the mayor should accept. After all, Bellis probably has a fat golden parachute packed and ready to go. He’ll be OK.

– Jerry Yeargin, Taos