Letter: Ban gunfire on New Year's Eve


When I was a kid, we celebrated New Year’s at midnight by banging pots and pans with metal spoons. Last night in Vista Linda at midnight on New Year’s, there was a dangerous and disturbing cacophony of gunfire that sounded like a war zone and lasted for 40 minutes. Many sounded like rifles, but there were also many automatic sequences that were particularly worrisome. It might seem fun at the time, but those bullets do have to eventually return to the earth, possibly to land on the head of an unsuspecting animal or human. Mayor Barone stages a safe and wonderful family event on New Year with music, a pig roast, balloons and a fireworks display, which should be enough fun for all. I ask Mayor Barone to issue a notice or citation to ban gunfire for celebrations especially on July 4th and on New Year’s Eve. And I implore my own homeowners association in Vista Linda to do the same.

Deborah Rael-Buckley, Ranchos