Letter: Are we winning yet?


I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said; “I love your Christ. I love your Christianity.

It’s your Christians that I find so distasteful.”

Many people are screaming about the perils of Sharia Law and extolling the virtues of Christian-based laws while apparently ignoring the world we have crafted for ourselves in this country.

Christianity-based law advocates say we should live by the Ten Commandments and the Bible, yet they seemingly fail to note that we pass laws every day that allow us to take from the poor and to give to the rich, that allow us to sanctify life only until it has been born, that allow us to walk away from the hungry, that allow us to offer health care only to the highest bidders, that promote the equality of men among the lighter-toned complexions  among us and that permit us to devalue the lives of those among us of the darker shades of lily white.

A decade ago America was all about “family values,” and now we have to look no further than the White House to realize that was nothing more than a catchphrase on a campaign banner. Remember the story about the “money-changers” being thrown out of the temple?

Now they flash their trinkets, shout their slogans and wave their symbols on top of the table while they rifle through your luggage under it. They will return it to you when they are done, but you will be mystified to find that there is nothing left in it but their dirty underwear.

Are we winning yet? Is America Great Again? Or are we stuck with a hat with a dirty ring around it given to us by the flash and trash of the song and dance man?

– Robert Barry, Questa, NM