Letter: Abortion ban wrong


The House just voted to institute a 20 week abortion ban. In defiance of the Supreme Court decision allowing abortion up to 24 weeks, they have decided they know what’s best for roughly half of American citizens.

In the first place, 24 weeks, SCOTUS’ definition of viable, is wrong. The dictionary definition is “normally capable of surviving outside the uterus.” Not without extreme medical intervention – not defined as normal. And, even then, the child has little chance of a normal life, but will face a host of medical challenges.

In the second place, anti-choice fanatics insist a 20 week fetus can feel pain. This is vigorously refuted by medical experts, whose vision is not clouded by religious fervor.

There is no reason for a 20 week, or even a 24 week cutoff for legal abortions. And there may be many reasons to not carry a fetus to term.

Those reasons are private, between a woman and her body, and are not subject to any other person’s judgment or permission. Certainly, it is not the business of the United States Congress.

My body is my private property. No person, organization or government agency has any right to trespass there. If a member of Congress votes to invade my body with his or her nefarious intentions, do I have – in defense of my property – the right to shoot him or her?

Anyone who votes to so trespass, and therefore threaten my well being, would be well advised to not enter my personal space.

- Adele E. Zimmermann, Taos