Letter: A grateful visitor


To the people of Taos, NM: My husband and I were guests of the Dreamcatcher Bed and Breakfast during the week of Sept. 25. On Thursday afternoon, he wandered away and after some 30 minutes of frantic searching, the police were notified. Three hours later, following continued searching by police, neighbors of the B&B, along with family and staff, we were notified he had been found. A Good Samaritan grandmother, driving into Taos, saw him stumble and fall, south of town. She stopped, tended to his cuts and delivered him to the police station. This situation could have had a tragic ending, given that the temperature was falling, dark was approaching and rain was threatening. We are thankful to all who came to our aid, especially Officer Andrea Medina and the woman who was alert and caring in her assistance and subsequent transportation to the police station.

– Thank you, thank you. Marcene and Jim Abel of Sullivan, Missouri