Executive assistant keeps town office running smoothly

By Kathy Córdova
For The Taos News
Posted 11/21/19

When a person enters the Executive Department of the town of Taos, the first face one sees and the first voice one hears is that of executive assistant Cathy T. Romero.

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Executive assistant keeps town office running smoothly


When a person enters the Executive Department of the town of Taos, the first face one sees and the first voice one hears is that of executive assistant Cathy T. Romero. The town of Taos employee greets visitors when they enter the department from behind her workstation at a counter in the entryway. "One of my duties is to help everyone find the person they are seeking," Romero said during a recent interview at Town Hall.

Romeo likes the variety her job offers and the vantage point that allows her to witness projects coming to fruition. She keeps a calm disposition, even when answering calls from irate individuals. "I enjoy my seat in the office that lets me help others," Romero said.

Work history

Romero graduated from Taos High School in 1978. She served at the Taos offices as an intern following graduation - from July 1978 to January 1979. Then, she began a banking career.

For 33 years, Romero worked at First State Bank (now U.S. Bank). At various times she worked as a teller, receptionist, executive assistant and customer service representative.

For a change of pace, Romero made a career switch from banking to town government. Her seven and a half years working for the town of Taos began in the Planning Department. Her transfer to the Executive Department included a change in duties.

Currently, she works assisting the mayor, manager and council members and doing whatever is necessary for town business. Again, Romero fulfills the role of "the first voice" one encounters when calling the Executive (and sometimes other) departments. In addition, she takes appointments. One of her favorite activities includes the community New Year's balloon release event on Taos Plaza. For the New Year's celebration, Romero has worked as a volunteer, helping to fill out 1,000 balloons, passing them out and participating in the public release. She helped wrap gifts for the children attending the Capitol Christmas Tree event, also as a volunteer.


Cathy is the daughter of Isabel and George C. Trujillo. The second of three children, and the only daughter, she grew up with two brothers: George P. (Patricia) Trujillo and the late Chris Trujillo.

Alfred Romero and Cathy Trujillo married 40 years ago, and they raised two sons: Alfred (Jr.) and Carlos (Bernadette). Cathy Romero and her husband enjoy time with grandchild Roman.

Family ties created an activity that Romero considers "my second job."

"My brother Chris used to help my parents with Thursday pool tournaments at the Don Carlos Lounge, the family business. After his death, I began helping my parents, and now I have this role permanently."


Romero claimed, "I'm not a baker - but I do like to make bread and tortillas. I mainly enjoy our local cultural foods such as tamales, enchiladas, beans, chile, chicos and all the foods I grew up with. I like salads, but not seafood."

Romeo's idea of entertainment includes watching television and movies and reading. She never fails to watch Hallmark movies during the Christmas season. Her favorite television shows are series about Chicago police and fire departments. She likes the latter shows so much that she'll record them if she's unable to watch at the assigned time. Romero's favorite books to read are those by romance novelist Danielle Steel.

When Romero worked at the bank, she dressed in colorful clothing, including matching shoes and accessories. Her career change also involved a clothing style change. Currently, Romero claims the color black as her favorite, and one which she wears most of the time.

"I don't know why I made this change. I can only think that you can never go wrong because this color goes with everything - it's a good idea," said Romero.

Upcoming holidays

Around the town of Taos facilities, the place is abuzz with people decorating and making other plans in preparation for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Romero easily identifies with the seasonal plans on a personal level as well.

For Thanksgiving, she cooks the turkey. "Thanksgiving means eating with family, so that's what we do," she said.

Christmas is Romero's favorite time of the year. She feels fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful decorations at work. At home, Alfred decorates and the Romero household always means home for Christmas with family. Cathy Romero's mother, Isabel Trujillo, makes pastelitos and empanaditas.

"I love Christmas because of the meaning of the holiday. At this time of year, most people are happy with each other and usually come together. The season makes people realize it's time to be with one another," said Romero.

"People aren't usually mean and are mostly in a good mood at this time of year. The decorations in the plaza, the lighting of the Christmas tree and children anxious to see Santa Claus make a person feel good, even if it's just for a short time. Bonfires and eating foods we don't normally eat every day add to making the holidays a nice time of year."


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