Jennifer New Forbes


Jennifer New Forbes Died from cancer on January 6., 2020., at her home in Taos., New Mexico. She was 78 years old. Born in Guatemala City to Gordon New, an American working in Guatemala for Pan American Airlines., and Grace Canning, the daughter of British colonists in Trinidad, Jenny grew up in Port-of-Spain., Trinidad. She attended high school in the United States and graduated cum laude from Abbot Academy in Massachusetts. It was there that she first realized her passion for theatre under the direction of Miss Emily Hale, a drama teacher who was recently identified as the recipient of over 1100 letters from T.S. Eliot, her friend and collaborator. Before settling down and marrying her husband., Rob, Jenny and a friend built a 31 a trimaran and sailed it to Australia. The next 35 years were spent being a wife, mother, and helpmate, before she allowed her passion for theatre to re-enter her life. During the following decade she performed on stages in Taos and on the Monterey Peninsula, appearing in the Shakespearean plays "Comedy of Errors", "King John"., ''Romeo and Juliet'', "Richard ID", and as Gertrude in "Hamlet''. Off stage, she could be found practicing the art of "Extreme Hammocking" at home if she wasn't busy playing tennis on the Forbes' seH-made adobe tennis court which was carved out of their alfaHa field and also home to their pigs, Ivan the Boar and his harem of sows. ''Playing doubles with Jenny was fun," said one tennis partner, "because you always knew you were going to win." Jenny had a vocabulary second to none. Scrabble words., Calypso lyrics, famous Shakespearian lines, jingles., and children's poems fell from her lips with ease, delighting her friends and grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her parents., and by her brothers Robbie of the Bahamas and Michael of Merida, Venezuela. She is survived by her sister Judy Holloway (Jim), daughter Annabel Wond (Douglas), her grandchildren, Charlie and Charlotte, and Rob Forbes., her devoted husband of 51 years. Jenny also delighted in the company of all her nieces and her nephew and their beautiful families who traveled from afar to celebrate her life and give her a loving send-off from this world Jenny said toward the end of her life: "This is a journey I wouldn't miss for the world" She faced the end of life gracefully and peacefully, as if it were the final act of wonderfully engrossing and rich play. Those wishing to contribute in Jenny’s name would be kind to remember the Dr. Larry Schreiber Mountain Home Health and Hospice Fund which benefits the caretakers who were so helpful to Jenny in her last days


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