Isabro Ventura Ortega “Charro”


Isabro Ventura Ortega “Charro”
It is with heavy hearts that we must announce the loss of our beloved Truchas
artist, woodcarver, carpenter, Penitente, brother, uncle, teacher and friend. Isabro
Ventura Ortega “Charro”, 66, a native of Truchas, passed away in his home on
Tuesday, August 14, 2018. Isabro was preceded in death by his parents, Juan
Antonio and Estefanita Ortega; siblings, Esneda, Dolores, Martina, Lilian, Jake,
Jose Benito and Juan Ortega and nephews, Gabriel, Danny and Rico. A simple,
humble and joyful man, Isabro was born and raised in Truchas, New Mexico with
a love for woodcarving and carpentry. He was a self-taught artist whose work has
been sold to people all over the world. He proudly embraced the role of a teacher,
introducing many children to woodworking as an art. He has been a featured artist
in numerous magazine and newspaper articles including the New York Times,
Sunset Magazine and most recently a 2018 article in New Mexico Magazine.
Isabro was a man of faith. His mother told him he should be a priest, and maybe he
was. A lifelong member of the Catholic Church and a stalwart member of the
Penitente Brotherhood, his strong, beautiful voice and commanding presence
offered comfort and faith to the faithful, the searching and the grieving. He swore
off alcohol for the love of his work. His “masterpiece” was his home, which he
built from the ground up and continued carving as well as listening to the music
from the 1960’s, which was always playing in his house. Isabro said he wanted to
“carve wood until the day he died,” and he did. “Just open the morada and pray me
a rosary.” And we will. Isabro is survived by his niece and his angel, Lori; brother,
Joe L. Ortega; sister, Carol and numerous nieces and nephews. In lieu of flowers
donations may be made to the children’s program of the Truchas Services Center
and La Cofraida de Nuestro Padre Jesus de Nazareno in Truchas. The family of
Isabro Ventura Ortega “Charro” has entrusted the care of their loved one to the
DeVargas Funeral Home & Crematory of the Española
Valley. / (505)747-7477


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