Letter: Impressed with Taos


Dear friends: As my wife and I ready to leave the East Coast and move into our new home in Taos, I wanted to write and compliment you on the quality of The Taos News. Our new town is lucky to have such a fair and well-written newspaper, especially in times such as these when journalism is under attack from so many sides. I am most impressed with the attention you give to the needs of those in the community who are neither wealthy nor powerful, and to local music and the arts.

Admittedly, reading your police blotter is a bit worrisome. Clearly, there are certain parking lots in Taos in which one must be especially vigilant. My wife assures me that worse things go on in Atlanta, but are simply not reported in the local paper, as they are not "news" here. In any event, we look forward to becoming permanent Taoseños and contributing to our new community.

– Sid Barrett