'I'd rather give than receive'


Rather than sit down for a family meal this year, one Taos family has decided to give back to their community by providing meals to the homeless and less fortunate this Thanksgiving.

Samantha and Anne Herrera, together with daughter Destiny Vigil, have set aside their oven for others this year. The trio has been baking, cooking and collecting food for the homeless in town all week. They plan to hand out their hard work on Thanksgiving Day. After having much of the food donated and covering the cost of the rest from their own pocketbooks, the family will be taking to the streets Thursday to deliver meals and desserts as their way of giving back to the members of the community.

"Everyday I see someone out there in the cold," Samantha Herrera said. "Heaven knows what they are going through."

After once experiencing the realities of being homeless, Herrera said their decision to cook for the homeless is just their family's way of helping and giving back to someone else.

Cooking has been ongoing all week to fill the 20 plates they plan on giving out and with donations being accepted until Wednesday evening, the family says they might even be able to make some more food.

"It's a good idea to give back to people who don't get to spend time with their families or who don't have a family," Vigil said.

The idea stemmed from a conversation between Herrera and Vigil where the two agreed to forego their normal holiday traditions and try out something new. Both said they are just looking to help out. While not partnering with any group or others in town, the family will be out on their own distributing meals to those who they feel need an extra hand this Thanksgiving.

"We can't do a lot, but we can do a little for somebody else," Herrera said. "I'd rather give than receive."