Hopes and dreams

Locals provide personal outlooks for the new year

By Laura Bulkin
Posted 12/26/18

Last week, we asked our friends and neighbors to share their Christmas wish lists. This week, with Christmas 2018 in the rearview mirror, we've asked people to look ahead to 2019 and …

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Hopes and dreams

Locals provide personal outlooks for the new year


Last week, we asked our friends and neighbors to share their Christmas wish lists. This week, with Christmas 2018 in the rearview mirror, we've asked people to look ahead to 2019 and tell us their New Year's predictions, resolutions, dreams and heart's desires.

Rep. Ben Ray Lujan

Congressman for New Mexico District 3

The New Year is a time for reflection. It's a time for gathering with those we love and remembering what we're grateful for. And, above all, it is a time for hope. I'm looking forward to a productive 2019. In Congress, I will be focused on cleaning up corruption in Washington, lowering health care costs and prescription drug prices, advancing policies that raise wages and spur economic development in New Mexico and investing in our clean energy infrastructure. At the foundation of my work is a commitment to making a positive difference in people's lives. I'm continually humbled by the trust that my constituents have put in me to represent them in Congress, and I wish everyone a happy and joyous New Year.

Dr. Gina Perez-Baron


Resolutions: Serve the people. Protect the water. Sing. Dance. Heal. Treat addiction in Taos one day again.

Richard Aspenwind

Taos Pueblo resident

My thoughts for the new year are that we be alert, kind, understanding in as many aspects of our lives as we can, especially when children, animals and people different than us are involved. Here in our beautiful Taos we are blessed. It is not hard to feel spirituality from our beautiful mountains, sunsets and our home, Taos Pueblo. With that comes responsibility and respect for the environment.

Katie Woodall

Artist and educator

As the swings between scarcity and excess become the norm in our weather -- as a planet, and especially locally, here in my beloved hometown -- I wish the wisdom and listening we have cultivated can find a way into everyday challenges and complicated issues.

Betty Artes

Latina social entrepreneur

Daniel Escalante

Chicano artist-activist

Resolutions: Buy fewer oil-based products. Be a stronger water protector. Encourage all businesses in Taos to stop using plastic straws. Speak less, listen more. Be more cantankerous. Support zero-waste events; boycott all others. Be a better ally.

Allegra Huston

Writer and editor

Dreaming of a world with no more boring author readings and no more anguished writers tormented by misguided criticism. An author I was working with said, "You should write the book." So I did! James Nave and I launched our own publishing company to help people with the stuff nobody teaches you. Four more books are on the way: 'How to Teach a Workshop,' 'How to Make a Speech,' 'How to Tell a Story' and 'How to Organize a Collection,' all in the pipeline with various expert authors.

Jacquelyn Córdoba


For this new year I pray we all move closer to our hearts, (and) that we ask to hear more clearly and act more profoundly to that which will bring us all peace in the future. I mostly pray for the healing of the women and children at this time. That we receive the type of love Creator intended for us to know, and that our children can be born strongly into this world without fear of having no food, no clean water,and possibly no earth to live upon. I wish everyone a beautiful day and hope we all feel Creator's love today if even for a moment.

Robert Cafazzo

Co-business owner at Two Graces Plaza Gallery

To have the courage to continue the dream, to not lose myself, to take the risk and to make the necessary changes. These are my goals for the new year.

Michelle Heinrich

Nonprofit worker

My wish for the world in 2019 is that we all come together in compassion and love to repair the world, fostering healing, joy and understanding. But we don't need to wish it; we need to work it. In 2019, I pledge to work toward a world based upon justice, equality and peace. I recognize that it's an obtainable goal. It's the work that counts, but only if we make the effort can we enact change. I also pledge to not lose my keys so often -- but that's another matter.

Rita O'Connell

Performer and writer

Everyone I talk to seems to be saying that 2019 is "really gonna be our year." (I do recall testing out a similar mantra coming into 2018, with mixed-at-best results, but hey, hope springs eternal!) I predict an abundantly creative and love-filled year for all my friends and neighbors, and wish for the permanent abolition of the 24-hour news cycle, so we can all move beyond this ever-present sense of existential dread. Happy New Year!

Estevan Trujillo


I wish for the new year that everyone that's corrupt in our beautiful planet get a wedgie and those who need it most have mandatory enemas. And the people will demand that we start cleaning up the thick layers of bullshit that we have created.

Wendy Robbins

TV director/producer

My resolution is that we all love what is. Stop suffering. Live a daily legacy full of toe-curling goodness. I see all of us demanding that the politicians we hire defend democracy, justice and equal rights for all.

Karen Paull

Film producer and thespian

Impeachment and Pelosi as president in 2019. Cannabis is no longer federally illegal. Karen and Wendy (Robbins) produce Season 4 of "The Marijuana Show" in Canada and it's our Emmy season. I do more theater, skiing and creative work. We get another golden doodle puppy. Climate change becomes the number one focus for our future. Wendy takes me to Ireland to meet 58 percent of my genetic family tree. Coconut gets a few film roles. Taos gets a huge makeover. 2019 is the year that women leaders take charge and save the planet.

Makenna Tafoya Kesson

Poet, reader, dreamer

For 2019, the only resolution I have is to be happy. Whatever that means. I could care less if I fall in love, if some grand opportunity presents itself, if I finally win the lottery. At the end of the day, I want to be able to go to bed knowing that I did the best I possibly could. I deserve to be happy and to love myself, and that is all I can really wish to be in the coming year.

Saundra Bouchie

Taos High School Drama Director

My New Year's wish is for everyone to be kind to one another and to come see the phenomenal drama students in "Princess Bride" in February at the Taos High School.


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