Holiday tale: A place where a wing grows

A reader-submitted tale


Once upon a time, there was a place where a wing might grow. The place was nourished, watched over, fed and watered with love. The beloved ones caring for the place were earthly creatures. They remembered something long before time or memory. They couldn’t say what it was, but it was a sweet softness that they had never let go of. Wing.

No one was sure what a wing was. There were no feathered ones here. They had vanished long ago before the old beloved ones’ time. The beloveds did know, somehow, that this was the place where a wing might grow. The beloved earthly creatures took care of and guarded this place in the moondays and in the suntimes.

After many suntimes and moondays, a song began to grow in the earthly creatures’ hearts. It was sweet, feathery soft and lasted all day long. All through the night, they dreamed the song. It was full of joy and laughter. As the beloveds held the song in their hearts, their voices gave it birth and they were full of love and huge smiles. Joy laughter song became their language.

The place where the wing might grow became more beautiful. The earthly beings became so light in song that they began floating instead of walking. They spent more and more time in the song of the place where the wing might grow. The beloveds decided to make their home in the place where the wing might grow.

They moved all their belongings to the place. They knew all would now be born here with no pain to mother or child. They had found that while in laughter song, hurts like cuts, broken spirits or bones would disappear as soon as they happened. When in song, the beloveds did not hurt each other. They began to let go of their greed, to love each other and their surroundings, to feel connected to all plants, animals and the earth itself.

You can’t imagine what happened then.

The wing grew and grew, and the beautiful wing enveloped them all and lifted them away into the heavens. The beloved creatures had become the laughter song.

On a clear summer’s night when the stars are shining bright,

If you listen very carefully you might see a huge and beautiful wing lifting against the sky.

If you are silent for a long time, you may hear the laughter song.

If you can be quiet and listen, perhaps you can learn the song.

Meyers is a Taos storyteller and writer.