High Frequency Loft: Fitness fusion


Fusion, Noun: the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity. Adjective: referring to food or cooking that incorporates elements of diverse cuisines. Source: Google

At High Frequency Loft, there is a whole lot of fusion going on. The blending of fitness with spirituality and coming together of many talented teachers create a unique approach to well-being. "Moving, breathing and being present is the whole point," said co-founder Alana Lee. "Bringing mindfulness to the movement is what we are about."

Lee and her partner and co-founder, Colton Silva, moved to Taos from San Francisco, California, at the end of last year. They left lives that involved teaching multiple classes at different studios and working with private clients all across town. Lee says it was a life of "teach and drive; teach and drive."

Within three months of arriving in Taos, they had opened High Frequency Loft - a space for movement and health. "It was magical how it all came together," Lee said. "Everywhere I went, I met someone who brought another piece of the puzzle."

The 2,200-square-foot studio on Gusdorf Road was the first place they considered renting. There, they found both a home and space for their fitness work.

Classes at High Frequency Loft

The loft hosts a variety of regular classes each week, including different forms of yoga, strength training and belly dancing. Lee teaches a yoga class for parents and kids called Wee Yogis - Mommy and Me.

She also teaches Body Barre, a fusion of ballet, yoga and Pilates. The class is taught in a unique way using a weighted body bar for added resistance and balance. The movement happens in the center of the room, as opposed to working with a bar against the wall, as is traditionally done in ballet. "It is very toning and lengthening. It strengthens the whole body: arms, thighs, glutes and core," she said. Barre supports her yoga practice. "The different approaches strengthen in different ways and together create a very well-rounded, whole-body, whole-person experience with aspects of mind, body, soul - all in one place," said Lee.

Silva teaches a strengthening class called TRX Bootcamp. TRX is short for "total body resistance exercise" and uses body weight as resistance when the body is suspended on straps. In addition, there is work on the ground and with weights and equipment. The focus of the exercises is to increase heart fitness, flexibility and strength, while being mindful of breathing. "The sole basis of everything we try to focus on and practice is our breath work; being continuously aware of when to breathe and stop and take a moment to slow down," he says. "Trying to do an activity and remind yourself to breathe is probably the most challenging thing for people."

Together, Silva and Lee teach AcroYoga - a unique melding of acrobatics and yoga done with a partner. This graceful dance allows two people to work together to strengthen their bodies, as well as their communication. Lee says, "AcroYoga builds clear, conscious communication and allows the body to stretch more deeply than you would on your own." Silva adds, "It has a real big impact on the childlike inner self that people can explore at any age and have fun with it."

Several other Taos instructors offer classes at High Frequency Loft. Alana Grier teaches yoga, Pilates and belly dancing. She says, "The tribal fusion belly dance is a sacred form of mind-body movement. The students learn basic choreography and queues so that the lead dancer can always shift and the dancers are revolving into different formations. It is very dynamic." Grier is also offering a yoga instructor program that allows students to take the full 200-hour training or sign up for individual weekend sessions and earn Yoga Alliance continuing education credits.

Grier said that the High Frequency Loft is just what Taos needs. "A lot of clients might be intimated to go to a spa or gym, but here they can be comfortable working one-on-one or in a class," she said.

Grier is excited to be able to bring all her classes to the new location. She said that because Lee and Silva have come from bigger cities, they are familiar with the latest health trends that haven't yet made their way to Taos.

Other classes include:

• AcroNinja - a mix of yoga, acrobatics, strength training, obstacle courses and games for kids and teens.

• Yoga Flow - taught by Leia Layus.

• Qi Gong - taught by Nikesha Breeze in a style known as "MogaDao."

• Iyengar Yoga - emphasizes body alignment, strength and stamina, taught by Brenda Campbell.

Attending to the whole body includes what we eat and drink. The Neopasado food truck brings vegan food to High Frequency Loft and upcoming classes include the Vegan 101 workshop and dinner on June 23. It will be taught by Sophia Sacks of Neopasado and Lee and will focus on how to make eating a plant-based diet easy.

'Ecstatic Dance'

On Thursdays, DJ Julia Daye offers an evening of dancing. "'Ecstatic Dance' is a free-form moving meditation that serves as an invitation into the body and an invitation to allow ourselves to be danced both wildly and prayerfully through an ecstatic arc of music," Daye explained. She said that this form of movement can release trauma and engages both sides of the brain, in addition to being excellent physical exercise. Like other activities at High Frequency Loft, this format combines dance and meditation to create benefits that are physical, mental, emotional and social - creating overall well-being. People of all ages come to dance.

Why High Frequency?

Lee and Silva want to be part of making the world a better place. Raising the health and therefore the vibration of each individual through fitness and mindfulness is their goal. "Everything is energy and frequency in essence. Fear and joy each have a frequency. Love has one of the highest frequencies," explained Lee.

High Frequency Loft provides a place to learn new ways to find well-being and peace within. "This is a place where you can come and shift your energy and frequency, whether you need to be uplifted or grounded. It is a place to raise consciousness," she added.

Special events

The High Frequency Loft schedules a variety of events working with various artists and other organizations, which include live music, movies, workshops and lectures. A do-it-yourself body care workshop with essential oils is coming up at the end of June. In July, there will be a performance by the Secret Gong Orchestra, which will bring its 100 gongs to the studio.

"We are open to anything that helps transform people," said Silva. "We can rent out the space for non-alcoholic events and we are collaborating with youth organizations like Taos Alive and DreamTree Project."

The Loft is located on the south side at 1335 Gusdorf Road, Suite Q. The founders point out that the space is quiet and there is plenty of parking. There is a good flow of classes, with one ending in time to make room for the next.

Connecting and inclusive

Lee and Silva say that they focus on the goals of clients and work with very athletic people and those who want to get fit, lose weight or just feel better in their bodies. All classes are open to all ages; seniors may particularly enjoy Qi Gong and Gentle Yoga classes.

The High Frequency Loft is bringing new and different choices to town. "Since the time we got to Taos, there has been an immediate synchronicity and interaction with people who were kind, open and willing to help," Silva said. "Most of all, our goal is to connect with the community."

For more information, a schedule of classes and pricing, visit highfrequencyloft.com or call (575) 758-7852.