Harmonic alternative folk

Love and music come together for Flagship Romance duo


Flagship Romance is a romantic and musical duo that pairs Shawn Fisher and Jordyn Jackson.

Although they went to high school together, the two did not meet until later in life when they both had some musical experience under their belts. At first, they were committed to steering clear of playing music together.

Then, it became inevitable that their common love for music and their affection for each other should go together. It's been a happy seven years.

Flagship Romance returns to Taos for a Sunday (April 8) show at The Taos Inn, 125 Paseo del Pueblo Norte. The band can be heard from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. for no cover charge.

Fisher and Jackson have released three recordings: "The Fudge Sessions EP," a CD/DVD project called "Fee Fie Foh Fum," and most recently, "Tales from the Self-Help Section" (2017). The couple are busy touring and moving into their newly purchased home in Truth or Consequences.

They performed at The Taos Inn last November for their first Taos performance. Fisher and Jackson said they had wanted to visit Taos ever since hearing about it from their friend, singer-songwriter and Taos native Max Gomez.

Tempo caught up with this busy duo via email to ask them about their music and current direction. The following is edited from the interview.

Tempo: How would you describe your music to those who haven't heard you before?

Shawn Fisher: The sounds we make and songs we sing coalesce into what we call "harmonic alternative folk." We place importance on the harmonic aspect since our songs are anchored in vocal harmonies, our voices weaving in and out of melodies, blending together in a way that makes it sound like one voice. The alternative comes into play because we don't chain ourselves to one genre or style of music. We feel that it all comes together under the folk umbrella because we tell a lot of stories in our songs. Mix all of that in with a dose of caffeinated energy, some unbridled emotion and you've got us!

Tempo: As performers, what do you try to convey to your audiences?

Fisher: Before every show (no matter the audience size), we have a pep talk-prayer-meditation we do. During our ritual, we ask that each and every person leaves the concert feeling lighter and happier than when they walked in. We want our shows to not only be a form of escapism, but also a breath of fresh air that someone could use as inspiration to be a better version of themselves or go after a dream [or] passion they've always wanted.

Tempo: Why did you start the Clean Water Music Fest? Please explain your passion about clean water.

Jordyn Jackson: Water is a basic need and every person on Earth should have access to it. Unfortunately, 663 million people only have access to dirty, contaminated water that ends up making them sick and killing 16,000 people a week (which is more than all forms of violence, including war). Shawn and I were songwriting with our friend and flamenco guitarist Chico Lobos when we had the initial idea for the Clean Water Music Fest, a local, grassroots music festival featuring regional and national acts, food trucks and an epic silent auction where 100 percent of the proceeds go directly to the charity: water organization. Based in New York City, they operate under an 100 percent model where every penny of every single public donation goes directly to providing clean, safe drinking water to communities without access to it…. We ran the festival for four years and ended up raising over $125,000. That funding went on to provide clean, safe drinking water to communities in Ethiopia, Rwanda and the Sahel region of Africa. We hope to eventually start up a similar event here in New Mexico.

Tempo: Are you currently working on another recording? Please tell me a little bit about it - what's the focus, how did you select the songs for it, where are you recording it?

Fisher: We are currently working on our next album, called "Concentric." To say we are excited about this next batch of songs is the understatement of our lives. We recorded it at the Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, Texas, with our longtime friend and producer extraordinaire Lee Miles. About 95 percent of the songs on the album were written while we were on a six-month tour across North America. At the end of that tour, we went into the studio and recorded the entire album with full instrumentation in eight days. It was a whirlwind of awesome.

Tempo: Anything else you'd like to add?

Fisher: We tour six to eight months out of the year. A lot of the venues we perform in are house concerts, where a music-loving house concert host invites a bunch of their friends to come over to their home and listen to independent touring singer-songwriters. It is a lot of fun for the artist and the listener. If anyone in the Taos area would be interested in hosting a house concert with us in the future, we would love to tell them more about it. They can go to and contact us.