Good Samaritans, hopeful stories still abound in Taos


Dear readers/friends: Nothing pleases me more than sharing a story with a happy ending, especially when it's a true story and one that highlights the positive. Considering the crazy and difficult year we have left behind, together we can hope that 2018 will be less taxing emotionally, less demanding intellectually and gentler overall. However, faithful to my decision of never revealing who did it, as opposed to what was done, I will keep you guessing. Those of you who know will rejoice.

If you remember, early last November I broke my right foot, and the event was pretty devastating. It was extremely painful, debilitating and, worst of all, seriously handicapping me since I could not drive and could barely walk. For someone who is fiercely independent, it was a most unwelcome shock. But here is where the story begins. Of course, I had friends who rose to the occasion, and better still, people I barely knew who came through like true gems.

Nevertheless, the day came when I needed to have some food delivered (there is a limit on how much you can impose on friends to feed you), so I called a couple of local restaurants that do not have home delivery. They accommodated me beautifully. People asked me, how did you do it? Taos is kind of famous for poor service, so what had happened was a mystery to many. Well, folks, I talked to people. I called on the phone, explained my situation and that resulted in a couple of wonderful meals delivered to my house. I did not text. I did not Google. I actually talked to a living human. And guess what, they responded in kind. It did help that both establishments knew me, and everybody felt pretty sorry for me. But what I want to emphasize here is that it was the direct contact that definitely did the trick.

I am very happy that we have not quite lost the art of direct communication, but I sadly wonder, how long will it last? How can we continue living and leaving our imprint if we do not communicate directly? If we do not look at each other in the eyes and if we do not hear the voice of our companion, we run the danger of making our world a very sad and lonely one. With whom will we share all the beauty of nature, all the beauty of Taos' sunrises and sunsets?

A definite 2018 New Year's resolution should be that we will go back to communicating with each other without technological crutches, to looking at each other in the eyes and to hearing what each other has to say, without the need of inordinate noise and aggressive music. 2018 may turn out to be a decisive year in human relations. It is up to each one of us to improve those relations, or not. We are the only ones who hold the keys to a better world, or not. In the meantime, thanks to my two local businesses that were so human, so nice and so skilled at cooking such delicious meals. Who knows? Humankind is not doomed (yet), and I may be writing at the end of 2018 about how we had a nicer, gentler year after all.

Please be careful and do have a happy, peaceful 2018.

The Spanish version of this story here.