Future shock: What does 2020 have in store for Taos, the nation and planet Earth?

By Virginia L. Clark
Posted 1/2/20

The new decade ushered in by 2020 may be the very thing for which we've all been searching - a willingness to put our heads down and get to work with each other.

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Future shock: What does 2020 have in store for Taos, the nation and planet Earth?


The new decade ushered in by 2020 may be the very thing for which we've all been searching - a willingness to put our heads down and get to work with each other. The stars tell us the Age of Aquarius is officially here with Boss Man Saturn and Expansive Jupiter finally coming together in Aquarius at the end of the year - while 2020's universal number 4 year in numerology says, "Just do it!"

2020 numerology

Taos numerologist Sharon Millstein says the number 4 is all about work, "paying attention to details and keeping everything in order, handling details yourself instead of relying on someone else."

This 4 year is building foundations for the future. "Take a steadying approach so everyone can make their dreams come true."

Millstein says it takes discipline, and life can feel harsh with this 4 energy. "Keeping your nose to the grindstone is not easy," she sympathizes, "but it's about using your strength and abilities to keep everything organized so your dreams will come true."

The harsher aspects of 4 energy, "limitation and sacrifice," she says can be avoided if people will just do the work the energy requires.

But there's a helper aspect here, she notes carefully, that eases much of the strain, and it's the energy of 2. (The number 4 for 2020 comes from adding 2+0+2+0=4.)

"If you hold two fingers up you'll see they relate to working together, to relationships and diplomacy," Millstein says. "The government maybe doesn't look good, but the number 2 says things could work out," with cooperation and the relational energy of 2.

"The 2 is really a gift of this 4, and the two 2s relate to the master number 22, the number that has to do with taking something small and make something big out of it. It has to do with building, creating strong foundations for the dreams you want to come true."

Four is also the number of water, she notes. Being such a strong energetic, this means strong water, as in strong weather events, strong emotional reactions. So keeping focused on what is desired is very important, as opposed to what is not wanted. Focusing on the negative just builds more of the same.

"There will be a shake-up on every level," she predicts, "political, weather, environment-wise, UFO sightings - 2019 had the highest number of UFO sightings on record, even Taos elk hunters sighted them!"

Regardless whether a person is for or against impeachment, Millstein is leery the proceedings will prompt other countries to see the United States as weaker for the partisan divide. With all the energy and emotionalism of this 4 and water element, she advises people to pay careful attention to where they are putting their focus - on their dreams or their nightmares. Best to stick with the dreams of fulfillment, she says.

"The number 4 has to do with faith in the process of life, with growth and completion of the spirit, mind and soul," she says. "The mission of classroom Earth is spiritual growth, to lose fear, because fear is stagnant and fixed and sends out chemicals in our bodies causing discomfort and disease. If people apply themselves they will bring prosperity and position - to give love, render service and seek enlightenment."

2020 stars

Saturn and Jupiter parlay in Capricorn this year, astrology's official business and economic sector in the horoscope, where they are reordering structures and developing innovation. They finally stroll into the air sign of Aquarius on Dec. 21, 2020, after which they will continue to meet in air signs for the next 131 years.

To see how all this works, Tempo talked and emailed with Taos astrologer/psychic/empath and Tempo horoscope columnist Madame M, who says the eclipses are also center stage.

"Super important is that we will see six lunar eclipses, two more than the usual four we have every year," Madame M notes by phone during Christmas week. "One falls on Election Day, Nov. 3, 2020, which is going to be a nail-biter, because Mercury is going to be retrograde also."

Madame M suggests the heavy emotionalism that astrology attributes to lunar effects, plus the whippy nature of Mercury retrogrades this year, will show up as more "passive aggressive" behaviors than usual. All three Mercury retrogrades will be in water signs, she said, adding yet another emotional layer to 2020.

"For Taos as a community, the emotionalism will take several different directions. I see a big divide between visitors and locals," Madame M says, noting that cultural differences and expectations will show a greater divide than is usually appreciated. "Visitors see Taos as down-to-earth, but 20 years behind the times.

"Keeping traditions is the tug between Jupiter and Saturn," she explains, noting there will also be more of a divide between generations, "older Taoseños don't want change and the younger generations want more options; the older ones want to keep things simple.

"Taos could see a new committee of personnel that represents the voice of its people and it may not be of either political side," Madame M writes in a follow-up email. "Such a committee may be formed to educate, teach and discuss concerns or issues that participants wish to take action with, not just vocalize. This new panel of people could have impacting achievements that will inspire outside communities and residents to form personal alliances for reconstructing what it is that Taos wants to be known for.

"Astrology and predictions can be used to assist us in navigating our life's journey," she adds in the email, "but bear in mind, in the end, it is our freewill choices that can help to determine a situation's outcome."

Other key features she notes are Saturn's conjunction with Pluto, an event that happens every 35 years; then Saturn's shift to Aquarius in March, the earth's nodes transit into Gemini-Sagittarius in May and retrogradation of Venus (planet of love) and Mars (planet of action).

She notes, "The three inner planetary retrograde periods could reflect on such things that deal with our past, while the two outer planetary transits might provide us with a glimpse into our future comings."

Madame M says she feels money and/or currency is highlighted especially in 2020.

"Although most of the outside world is well on its way to functioning primarily on digital currency, old-school Taos-eños will be at the forefront of protesting and pumping the brakes with these new revolutionary concepts taking hold here in Taos," she writes. "One can expect to see incentives appealing to 'both sides of the coin (cash or debit)' to increase, as well as the traditional ways of our Taos' ancestors - bartering and/or trading.

"Agricultural farming and livestock might see a jump in 2020 due to the growing costs of store-bought foods. The Taos Plaza Farmers Market could experience rapid growth from vendors, prompting a larger, more parking-friendly area needed for its audience. There might even be talks of land or a building being donated for a year-round trader's market to exist once again."

So with all this highly charged, edgy, watery and airy energy, it looks like we need to release the fear and pay attention to what we want to manifest - and may it be easier than it sounds.

Madame M writes the Tempo horoscope column. Through her Madame M's Enchanted Parlor, a psychic and tarot-reading parlor located in the Casa Baca Plaza, behind La Cueva restaurant in Taos Historic District, she provides in-person tarot, astrology and aura readings, mediumship, channeling and readings over the phone. Contact her at For more information and to schedule an appointment, call (575) 224-1488.

Taos numerologist Sharon Millstein is an international numerologist/psychic/empath and radio personality who has lived in Taos for 36 years. Her radio show "Higher Journeys Radio with Alexis Brooks" will air Friday (Jan. 3). Millstein teaches numerology and does personal readings. Contact her at For more information and to schedule an appointment, call (575) 758-9665 - mention this article and receive a New Year's discount of 20 percent off an hour or more reading.

Editor's note: The content of this article is offered for entertainment only.


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