Faces of Taos: Kurt Edelbrock



Kurt Edelbrock is most likely the first person you'll see upon arriving at Taos Ski Valley (TSV).

The tennis courts at Quail Ridge Taos are his domain during warmer weather, but during ski season, this TSV fixture can be found patrolling and directing drivers around the parking lot. Where to park? Where to go in the village? He's your guy in the know.

Edelbrock's friendly, smiling face has graced TSV for 35 years. He started as the head of guest services. Other obligations steered him into working just during ski season, where for years, he's directed vehicles and helped park them, if need be. In his older, well-worn orange and reflective yellow jacket, which he prefers to newer models because his has more pockets, the 65-year-old comes to work 30 to 40 days a season (during the peak times, such as holidays, spring break and special events).

"My purpose is to not be a financial burden when slow," he shared, "but to be helpful when needed."

And helpful he has been, having assisted up to three generations of return families over the years. And one of the reasons he keeps coming back every ski season is the people.

"I love seeing the same faces every winter and I love helping people," he said.

What else keeps him coming back up the mountain to stand in the cold and snow is the beautiful surroundings and the sense of family he finds at TSV.

"It's a great office to be in. And, it's a family up here," he expressed with his signature smile.

The man who tells people, "I never grew up" – when they ask him his age – was born and raised in Southern California. After learning to play tennis in his 20s, he was looking for a circuit of tournaments. He found one in Taos in 1979. He won it. The original owners of Quail Ridge Taos asked him if he'd like to come work for them as a tennis instructor. Edelbrock relocated the following year. Then in 1990, he started the tennis team at Taos High School, which he continues to coach. He also still teaches at Quail Ridge Taos.

Edelbrock has noticed throughout the years the changes at TSV. He embraces them and feels the resort is becoming a "much better intermediate mountain." He added, "It's a pleasure growing up with the changes."

And, yes, he skis, too. And when Edelbrock finds the time, he heads for his favorite runs – Stauffenberg and Lower Stauffenberg.

Naturally, all of his trips up and down State Road 150 give him a lot of driving on snow and ice expertise. Not everyone is quite as adept. His advice to drivers who are not used to driving on wintry mountain roads: "Get a four-wheel drive."


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