Enchanted Homes: "High Design" edition this Thursday


In this month’s Enchanted Homes “High Design” edition:

  • Discover how Harvey and Sharyn Blaustein turned their Taos commercial asset into a home.

  • Step into the new luxurious Blake residences at Taos Ski Valley with their new four-story condominium units. We learn why this is the next step in their evolution to being among the best mountain destinations in the world.

  • Vishu Magee discusses his love for sustainable living while building at the rigorous 10,000-foot climate at TSV and the insane challenges posed by tiny building sites and steep, granite slopes.

  • Home design experts Phyllis Tutor and Myca Waterson of Red Arrow Emporium share a bit of their wisdom for creating a warm and welcoming abode that rises to the spirit of the season.

Find all this and our regular features in this month’s Homes magazine in this Thursday’s paper.


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