Editorial: Your family-owned, hometown newspaper thanks you


As 2018 gets underway, we just want to say how fortunate we feel to bring you, dear readers, the stories, people and events in Taos, Taos County and Northern New Mexico. It is a region filled with incredible talent, gorgeous landscapes, amazing history and big challenges to overcome if it is going to thrive in the future. Without you, and the support of our advertisers, we wouldn’t be able to bring you those stories in words, photos and videos.

We also hope our readers understand how lucky they are to have a national-caliber weekly newspaper. Many towns in New Mexico, such as Raton, and around the United States, no longer have regular local coverage. The last decade has devastated the news industry, resulting in dozens of newspapers of all sizes from the Rocky Mountain News in Denver to the Raton Range, closing. Some, such as the Sangre de Cristo Chronicle, now publish only online and rely on the stalwart devotion of a single person (Ellen Miller Goins in the case of the Chronicle) to continue operating. We tip our hats to their toughness and dedication.

Putting out a newspaper – in print and online – takes a whole cadre of people every week of the year. Our online efforts via our website and social media mean we operate more like a daily than a weekly. From our street vendors, to the crew that spends one night a week bundling up the papers and delivering them around the region, to the press team in Santa Fe that prints it, to the media specialists who work with clients, to our designers. This isn’t a team working out of some far-away corporate office. We are your neighbors, all working for one of the few remaining family-owned newspapers in the nation.

Keeping tabs on government, elected officials and public money, describing the challenges your neighbors rise above, and bringing you the story behind the numbers – be it game scores or crime statistics – takes what those of us in the business call “boots on the ground.” Those stories take time and reporters to research, to interview people with different points of view, to write and to illustrate.

We love hearing from our readers, in letters (yes, some still handwritten and hand delivered), emails, phone calls and tips in the middle of the night. We like it when you keep us on our toes. We appreciate it when you tell us you think we got something wrong. We love it when you tell us you learned something from our coverage.

And while we try to keep abreast of everything happening around this large county, we still rely on you to give us a heads up when you think there’s something we’re missing. Sometimes, despite having scanners on our phones, in our homes and at our office, we miss things. Even our team of three reporters and this editor need to sleep now and then. We haven’t perfected our zombie abilities to go without.

Send us tips by emailing editor@taosnews.com, sending us a message via our Facebook page or calling (575) 758-2241.

From all of us at your hometown newspaper to all of you, dear readers, we wish you a happy, rewarding and informed new year.