Editorial: A sense of community


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world,” cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead once said.

Sometimes people don’t set out to change the world, just their small piece of it. They don’t wait for the government to tell them how to do it or go to a committee or study the issue multiple times. They just start to fix the problem. And along they way, they form a community.

Such is the case of a small group of Taoseños who’ve taken it on themselves to repair a local skateboard park, once well loved and lately in disrepair. As reporter Jesse Moya’s story notes, the effort to fix the skate park started with one person, who was soon joined by friends – and the circle grew. Help keeps coming and the skate park is coming alive again.

The volunteers have learned some practical construction skills, too, in repairing the concrete. They’ve learned to work together toward a common goal. And once again, they have a place to skate, stay active and socialize.

How marvelous it would be if more of the problems in our communities could be resolved so simply and directly.

It’s a goal we can all strive for. Find a problem. Seek the simple solution. Fix it.

Whether large or small, each such action can have profound ripple effects in our communities.

For Río Grande Gorge drivers, expect delays

Beginning Aug. 1 and stretching until November, drivers through the Río Grande Gorge in both directions can expect some delays due to a natural gas pipeline project.

Plan for delays of 15 minutes or more and give yourself plenty of extra time, especially if you need to catch a plane out of Albuquerque or have an appointment. New Mexico Gas Company will be providing regular updates on the project and its progress. The company’s officials and employees will be working to keep one lane open and lead drivers through. But even they can’t account for all the potential challenges that could cause more delays than they plan, such as bad weather or construction problems.

And to endure those delays, take a good book. Download those podcasts you’ve been wanting to listen to. Practice singing your favorite song. Look out the window, breathe deep and enjoy the beautiful scenery. And be sure to bring along a good dose of patience and humor.

It will make the delays a lot more fun.

The Taos News will provide regular updates on the project.