Don't be fooled by phone scam, local warns neighbors


Luis Tafoya thought something was off a couple weeks ago when someone called and asked him to buy more insurance on his vehicle. After they called back three more times, he was sure it was a scam.

Last week, Tafoya told The Taos News about the repeated phone calls from numbers both local to Taos and based in Colorado.

Tafoya said he was prompted to purchase "extended coverage" from someone claiming to be from his insurance company. When he dialed the numbers back, they were supposedly out of service, he said. In all, Tafoya received at least seven of these phone calls.

"I think people should know this is happening," he said.

Tafoya notified the Office of the Attorney General of the calls. The office hasn't issued a scam alert. James Hallinan, communications director, said alerts are issued "for a variety of reasons, mainly in response to reports of scams and national trends before they hit New Mexico."

"The office reviews all complaints... but when it comes to scams the best defense is prevention. When people send money via prepaid debit card or a wire service, most likely that money has gone to another country and is unlikely to be recovered," Hallinan said.