Dirty trucks under top cop's scrutiny


Continuing a trend of putting up legal fights to the federal government's rush to roll back or rescind environmental regulations, New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas submitted comments to the EPA challenging the agency's plan to repeal a rule that limits the emissions of certain big-rig trucks.

The 2016 rule mandated that "gliders" -- semitrailers built with new bodies but older engines -- meet the same emission standards as newly built engines, according to a press release from Balderas. Non-compliant gliders can emit 20 to 40 times more pollution than compliant trucks, his office said.

"Simply put, gliders are a pollution menace that, unless properly regulated, threaten to undermine the entire national program to reduce harmful emissions from heavy-duty vehicles and engines," read the comments from Balderas and 11 other attorneys general submitted Friday (Jan. 5).

Fitzgerald Glider Kits, a Tennessee company, petitioned the EPA for the rule change in July. The company argued gliders often cost three-fourths the price of a new truck, and the 2016 rule was "sudden and onerous.”