Development, training, coaching

A series on management basics and more


In any organization, intentional and regular development, training and coaching can create a team of lifelong learners. When I use the idea of management basics in this series, I am identifying topics, concepts and skills that establish a foundation of disciplines that create a higher probability that the organization will be effective, successful and sustainable. It is focus, intentionality and consistency that make the difference in any business or family structure. Here are some insights for your consideration, first about focus, intentionality and consistency and then about the primary topics of this article.

Focus is about the target at which you are aiming. Stay focused on the immediate target of what or whom you are managing.

Intentionality goes hand in hand with focus. Have a specific intention about your desired end results. Know the what, how and why of your actions. Work with intentional attention.

Consistency, competence and confidence create a foundation of trust. I talked about this in my last article. When customers, team members or family members experience consistency in what we say and do, it is a breath of fresh air filled with the essence of truth, trust and integrity. Consistency is the difference between order or chaos. Examples are seen in most of our politicians and government.

Development is both a natural and unnatural process of life. A natural and normal process exists as we develop from baby, child and adolescent to an adult. In most folks, development goes from dependency to independency and then interdependency. Yet in some areas of industries, disciplines and skills, specific developmental tools, studies and learning are necessary to become competent. Consider your own experiences of natural and unnatural development in your life.

Training is the intentional opportunity given when we are consistent with our focus on development. Unfortunately, many organizations have moved away from regular development and training opportunities due to financial constraints. The best of companies have in the past and still designate 20 percent of work time to training and development. Few live up to this standard. Providing training to employees helps to ensure employee loyalty and growth. When an organization invests in training for its employees, it is an affirmation of the true value of the employee and the organization. Are you involved in a training program yourself?

Coaching is the ongoing, everyday opportunity to do the fine-tuning and exercising of skills and specific abilities. Within most organizations, it is the forgotten or least-used discipline of managers and all team members. Coaching can be very focused and almost microscope-type attention given to skill development. Coaching is where we give and receive feedback about the little things that truly make a difference to move from learning to knowing.

Good management instills lifelong learning!

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