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Creating connections


Within this series we have explored a variety of contexts, types and approaches to creating connections. In this article, I'll highlight a few businesses where I personally and professionally experience a business intentionally creating connections. Email, text and phone calls are the predominant strategy, yet any type of personal contact and presence usually creates the strongest connection. Here are examples: CID'S Food Market has created an "insiders" email connection. Any customer can fill out a form that gives options to select, such as receiving an electronic receipt versus the usual paper one at checkout. CID's sends occasional discounts, a birthday greeting and special discount and as needed, gives an update of any changes in the "insider" process. I applaud their connection initiative. I find the e-receipt makes the connection almost a personal interaction because it is triggered by a visit to the store and indicates responsiveness. Thanks Cid.

Metric Motors uses a text to connect either by a tickler notice about a possible need for the next maintenance or a reminder for an appointment scheduled. In the last year or so they created a relationship (connection) with environmental concerns by identifying themselves as a "Green" business. Good job, Joe.

Mattress Mary of Taos Lifestyle does a great job creating a personal connection by her personal presence at community activities especially at the Taos Center for the Arts. Her smiling face is almost everywhere: billboards, newspaper and events. Mary, your support of the community makes a difference. Richard Kaye of CEO Space can also be found at many network-type gatherings in the community and if he talks with you and gets your card, name and number, he will absolutely follow up. He is quite a personal connection creator. I appreciate that he is sensitive to how much connecting is desired. His regular informational emails are insightful. Some I keep and some I delete. He is respectfully persistent. Thanks.Salon-X is another user of text to make, remind and follow-up on appointments. I'd much rather confirm an appointment by text than receive another phone call. When Delta recently made a slight location change, she did a good job by telling clients about the change in how to enter her shop via personal conversations and signage. Check out Delta's new product extension business and meet her mother at the new and unique spice shop at her previous location (on the other side of the wall). Good going, Delta.

KTAO creates personal connections in many ways: Paddy Mac and Brad are longtime, known voice connections throughout the day, on-location events add spice and friendly folk connections, radiothons like the recent CAV event support critical community needs. Trash and Treasure and spontaneous call-ins make connections in many directions. Great job, KTAO folks!

The Taos News is a classic form of creating connections with community current issues, happenings of all kinds, events, businesses, where to go and what and who to see. Yeah Chris and The Taos News team.

Connection creations are all around. En-Joy!

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