Creating connections

Introduction to a new series


This is a topic of endless exciting opportunities at work and in all of life. A connection between any two entities is an exchange of energy. My primary focus of this series includes keeping relationships with empl oyees, customers, friends and family in ways that are alive, meaningful, exciting and enjoyable. Creating connections is an initiative of being proactive and intentional with specificity.

Recently, a friend and business owner told me about her interviewing a potential employee. She started by stating her specific requirements, expectations and needs to fulfill the responsibilities of the job. She then asked the candidate, "What do you expect, require and need from me as your employer?" This question exemplifies intentionality to create a powerful "two-way" connection between employer and employee. In this series, we (you - the reader - and I, two entities connecting) will explore a variety of contexts, challenges and approaches regarding creating connections. Here are some of the topics to be included:

What does it mean to create connections? Connections are relationships. Creating can be a technology. It is about being aware and conscious of energies of tremendous potential to create opportunities for growth, learning and success at work, home and in the world.

Ways to create connections. Many connections happen every day, hour and second without intention. Being intentional with the creating of connections can enable greater, additional and expanded energy and opportunities for all of our work and life. Connections can be simple, natural and routine, as well as complex and comprehensive.

Being present. A client of mine has been teaching me a lot about the importance of being present. She shares a lot of examples of what it means and how it makes a major difference in connecting with family, friends and co-workers. It is about being genuine and authentic. It is about the gift of presence, especially in silence.

Simple and basic approaches. I tend to be a person of more words than are necessary. My wife does a good job of reminding me of that. Keeping things simple and basic can often have a higher probability of being more meaningful, effective and productive. Connections are there no matter what. Simple recognition, acceptance and naming a connection can work magic and solve mysteries and riddles.

Using willpower. As we ponder on willpower, it can give many insights and a different understanding of power, especially regarding a relationship with oneself. Being intentional and specific often takes willpower.

Levels of facilitation. The work and process of facilitating are all about creating connections. There are many levels of awareness regarding connections.

Economic development connections. Being focused, intentional and specific with creating connections relates to being strategic with our thinking and planning to grow our business.

Local businesses creating connections. I'll recognize a couple of businesses in our community that are good examples.

Examples of endless opportunities. It always starts with an open mind, open heart, open eyes and open ears.

I look forward to our exploration of this series. It has been a topic of my exploratory writing for decades.

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