Sin Fronteras lends a hand to immigrant families in Taos


Sin Fronteras Nuevo México is hard at work making sure immigrant families in Taos County are taken care of during the COVID-19 emergency.

The organization has been helping immigrant families in Taos County for several years and has extended their reach while the community deals with the coronavirus outbreak. Many immigrant families across the county are in need of some assistance during the emergency.

"We knew that some immigrant families were going to be affected by this crisis," said founder Jose Gonzalez. "We're trying to raise as much awareness as we can on this issue. A lot of them cannot qualify for unemployment."

In order to help families during a period of business shutdowns and layoffs, Sin Fronteras is raising money to purchase groceries and set up a fund to help the community with utility payments.

Sunday (March 29) marked the second consecutive run for the group as families piled into the La Lomita Mobile Home Park to pick up a box of groceries for the week. Sin Fronteras has raised over $4,000 in a GoFundMe campaign and has been making runs to various grocery stores to pick up the food to make the care packages.

Families are scheduled five to seven minutes apart to pick up their packages to adhere to the state-mandated guidelines restricting groups to five or fewer people at a time.

"The families who can't come out, we will take it to them," said cofounder and Gonzalez's wife, Vannesa. "We don't want them to expose themselves if they don't have to."

According to Jose, there are around 70 immigrant families receiving assistance from Sin Fronteras during the COVID-19 emergency. The group prepared 30 food boxes this past Sunday and are planning on more for the coming weeks.

The group is looking to continue raising funds to continue their efforts well into April.

Members of the community can help by donating to the group's GoFundMe through social media or by contacting Sin Fronteras at Those looking for assistance can also contact Sin Fronteras via their email or social media.

"These are families that contribute to our hotels, food and construction industries," Jose Gonzalez said. "Families that are seriously facing hardships - challenges and struggles."

The group's upcoming event location is pending, but Jose said it would be in a central location around Taos for families to easily make it out to pick up their goods.


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