Weekend Music Festival

Tribal Vision Festival focuses on the sacred

Event features music, ceremonies and more on several stages

By T.L. Testerman
Posted 6/29/18

Summer in Taos is about to switch into cosmic gear with an energetic field of dancers, dreamers, mystics, musicians and healers landing synergistically on the mesa to create (with …

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Weekend Music Festival

Tribal Vision Festival focuses on the sacred

Event features music, ceremonies and more on several stages


Summer in Taos is about to switch into cosmic gear with an energetic field of dancers, dreamers, mystics, musicians and healers landing synergistically on the mesa to create (with intention) a Tribal Vision.

The festival is Friday through Sunday (June 29-30 and July 1) at the Taos Mesa Brewery Mothership, Hotel Luna Mystica and Sacred Stage Village, all at 20 ABC Mesa Road, off U.S. 64 west.

The list of performers and practitioners is long and impressive. It includes Grandmother Flordemayo, Curandera Espiritu, and a healer of the divine spirit; Taos herbalist and astrologer Lucy McCall, who is planning an herbal walk on the mesa and roundtable discussion; and local DJ, poet and "Rhythm Ambassador" Julia Daye.

Organizers call this event "a tribal vision festival … which aims to bring awareness to the global indigenous ceremony, culture and tradition against the backdrop of an awesome community inspired festival. We curate an amazing lineup of eclectic musicians and a wide variety of workshops including leading-edge sustainable living practices, well-being and creative expression … this is a benefit event: all profits from the festival are donated to a chosen indigenous preservation project." The project, as yet, has not been selected.

Tickets for camping and parking passes will be sold at the gate (cash/credit/PayPal) for $10 per night or $20 for all three nights. Car parking passes are determined by the number of riders in the vehicle. For four people it's free, three people it's $10, two for $20 and one person is $30, so it pays to carpool. A recreational vehicle parking pass is available for $50 for all three nights. Service animals are allowed, but no other pets.

The seven locations for events and workshops are The Mothership Amphitheatre (MA), The Starwater Stage (SWS), The Raven Stage (RS), Lakota Fire Prayer Lodge (LFPL, and The Martine Zone Sacred Fire (MZSF). Workshops are conducted at Wonder Dome (WD) and the Medicine Dome (MD)

Here is the current lineup. All events in the venues begin at noon each day and end at 1 a.m. with the exception of some music events, which go to 3 a.m. Each event is approximately one hour in length.

Friday (June 29)

Noon until 1 a.m.

The Mothership Amphitheatre

Jiiniikiwa Medicine Bird Dance

Lion Fire Ceremony

Dances of Universal Peace

Reverend Yamato Global Peace Prayer

Andy Babb

Alias Clay

Scott Red Horse

Elf Arrow-Avery

Meta Myth

The Copper Children

Darshan Dance Tribe


The Raven Stage

Open Mike

Emily Rainflower "Reiki Level One Attunement"

Omani Nagi


Julia Daye



Hot Mahatas

Ritual Language

The Starwater Stage

Michael Alpaza "Ecosocial Design from the Micro to the Macro: Creating a Perennial Economy"


Leaf LeRay

Aumrak Cacao Ceremony

Dr. Blue "A Party for Your Soul"

The Monogahela



Taylor McDonald


The Martine Zone Sacred Fire

Bernie Heideman "Sacred Song Circle."

Wonder Dome

Wonder Bob "Angelic Wholeness Blessing," "Diksha Energetic Blessing," "How Not to Take other People's Energy:Clearing Entities and Implants"

Suzy Adra Yoga

Medicine Dome

Chaitanya Spiral Moon Calendar

Brigitte Mars "Sacred Psychoactives"

Joseph Rolley "Sound Magic"

Saturday (June 30)

From 11 a.m. to 3 am.

Medicine Dome

Marvin Swallow Prayer

Wonder Bob


Scott Red Horse

Las Curanderas

Los Mocochetes

Rene Wamblimoni

Eli De Puerto

The Alcapones

Aumrak Mayan

Fierce Le Fey


Lion Fire Ceremony

Lunar Fire


The Raven Stage

Sound Design

Cora Flora Devine Dancing


Dr. Blue: "A Party For Your Soul"

Transition Theatre

Warriors of The Rainbow Lodge

Sound Apothecary "Plant Concert"


C Waters

Jared Woods

Earth to Clark

Pioneer Mother

Tree Skeleton

The Starwater Stage

Elk Del Pueblo

Yoga Meditation and Art

Lucy McCall and other Herbalists "An Herbal Roundtable."

Dance of Universal Peace with Bernie Heideman

Open Mind Open Mic

Julian Pearl


Miriam Leah

Prevalent Nature

Esme Olivia

Twin flame Medicine




Buddha Bomb



The Martine Zone Sacred Fire

Lucy McCall Herb Walk

Mathias Valentin Nordvig

Nordic Solstice Ritual

Wonder Dome

Wonder Bob "Pineal Gland Activation"

Mathias Valentin Nordvig "Nordic Spirituality and Runes"

Wonder Bob "The Sacred Masculinity and How to Operate in Integrity"

Mayan Mike and Emily Rainflower "Yoga Reiki Fusion"

Medicine Dome

Samuel Burke-Favero "Trance Induction and Utilization"

Brian Hewlett, Dr. Life "Tribal Economy: Moving Away from Corporate Capitalism"

Omani Nagi "Into the Ancient Wisdom, Legacy of The Soul"

Brigitte Mars "Natural Remedies for Overcoming Addiction"

Mayan Mike "Yoga Kriya with Sound Healing"

Sunday (July 1)

From 11 a.m. to 1 am.

Medicine Dome

Lucy McCall "Celtic Ceremony"

Chances R Good

Tanya Vigil Danza Azteca

Cora Flora

Chaitanya Massera Spiral Moon Dance

Ariana Saraha "Flight Behaviour"

Flor de Mayo

Dango Rose

Reverend Yamato Global Peace Prayer

We Dream Dawn



The Raven Stage

Rama Deva "Soul Circle-Dance The Elements"

Art Auction

Brian Hewlett, Dr. Life "Harnessing the Quantumness of Consciousness"

Katie Bhairavi of Darshan Dance Tribe "Temple Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Class"

Bethy Love Light

Cora Flora

Madcat Jack Lorang and the Geminis


Audio Buddha


Davey Daydream

The Starwater Stage

Jenna Walker "The Light Body and Healing through the Chakras"

Buddha Bomb "The History of Electronic Music and Its Effect on Consciousness"

Open Mind Mic

Gaia Experiment

Jamie Jaguar


Lauren Joy Band


Kodiak Justice


Sass Factory


Nikesha Breeze "MogaDao QiGong."

Paris Latke "Bowspring Movement Method."

Diana Desert Belly Dance

The Martine Zone Sacred Fire

Mathias Valentin Nordvig "Personal Rune Reading"

Nikesha Breeze "MogaDao 5 Element Medicine"

Brigitte Mars "Herb Walk"

Wonder Dome

Wonder Bob "Ancient History of The World and Solar System," "Overcoming Polarized Reality," and "Merkaba Activations"

Medicine Dome

Nick Perchess "High Country Homesteading: Crops and Canning"

Women's Tent with Jiiniikiwa

Michael Alcazar "Indigenous Phrenology."

Xerephine "Writing Our Own Faerie Tales, Journey Of Our Inner Archetypes Revealed"

Teresita "Intro to NeuroSculpting"

Peter May "Sonic Apothecary Healing"

Rama Deva "Primal Play Yoga"


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