Cosmic congress: breaking down the astrology of Taos' federal reps


If there's one truth about Taos, it's that astrology and being a thorn in the side of politicians are nothing short of collective pastimes.

What type of astrology doesn't seem to matter - modern, traditional, jyotish and esoteric are all topics of conversation. And it really doesn't matter the politician - town, county, state and federal reps are all fair game.

The Taos News, ever your community newspaper, decided to put those two things in conversation for the last edition of 2017 and bring you the astrology of our congressional delegation: U.S. Rep. Ben Ray Luján and U.S. Sens. Martin Heinrich and Tom Udall.

With "fake news" being one of the more used phrases of the year, we did our best to ensure this was as accurate as possible. The Taos News emailed our congresspeople for Northern New Mexico - and even Michelle Lujan Grisham and Steve Pearce, both running for governor in 2018 - to ask for their most accurate birth information (down to the minute) and an end-of-year interview to make sure it checked out.  

Their responses were underwhelming.

Luján's media crew said he didn't know his birth time and didn't have time for an interview before the end of the year. Heinrich's people emailed back but never delivered on the goods. Pearce's guy said he'd check on it but didn't, I guess. The other two didn't even feign a response. Granted, all of our representatives are busy in Congress working issues of concern to New Mexicans, from health care to public lands to funding for the opioid crisis  - you can read about some of their efforts in our Most Important Stories of 2017 - but still, maybe humor us next time.

Haters, say what you will about astrology and its usefulness. Everyone else, here's a breakdown of the astrology for your elected congressional delegation.

Ben Ray Luján

Born: June 7, 1972

Location: Santa Fe

Sun sign: Gemini

Moon sign: Aries

Ruler of Sun and Moon Signs: Mercury (Gemini) and Mars (Aries)

Major aspect: Venus in Cancer oppose Jupiter in Capricorn

The low down

Ben Ray's sun rests at 17 degrees of Gemini, symbolized by "the twins." As with all air signs, Geminis are intellectual and talkative - you have to be to run and serve multiple terms in the U.S. House of Representatives. As you'd expect, the twins are all about duality. In it's most hindered form, a Gemini sun can lead to the double-talk politicians are famed for. But Ben Ray's sun is in a good spot, getting a helpful aspect from Pluto, planet of power.

Ben Ray's natal Chiron, an asteroid that's known as the "wounded healer," is in Aries. Chiron speaks to our worst hurt - not the rawest wound, but the deepest. On April 17, Chiron will transit into Aries again for the first time since March of 1977. It's a point to take stock of the healing that's happened. The country is in a time when the worst of the worst is getting exposed, and people are getting fed up with the same scabs getting picked over and over again. Maybe Ben Ray can bring a little Chiron into the fold, soothing the wounds, so we can get down to work on the most ingrained inequalities.

How he can find balance in 2018

Free astrology consultation with me and get lots of exercise. We're not saying you're not already a great looking guy. But with your moon (representative of the body and your daily goings on) in Aries, exercising will activate and satisfy the fire energy that doesn't get a lot of play in your chart. Work it. Oh, and also, put your power to work for the people who don't have it.

How to contact Ben Ray Luján

DC 502 Cannon HOB

Washington D.C., 20515

Washington phone: (202) 225-6190


Martin Heinrich

Born: October 17, 1971

Location: Fallon, Nevada

Sun sign: Libra

Moon sign: Libra

Ruler of Sun and Moon Signs: Venus

Major aspect: Saturn in Gemini oppose Jupiter in Sagittarius

The low down

Martin's natal sun sits at 23 degrees of Libra, the air sign seen in the stars as the great scales. And it's packed real estate in Libra - Uranus, the Moon and Pluto are all there. This stellium, as the joining of so many planets and luminaries (the sun and moon) are known, is a force to be reckoned with. Luckily for Martin, Libra seeks beauty and balance. But such concentrations in Libra can make weighing choices super difficult. That seems about right for the U.S. Senate, where big choices with big consequences are daily fare.

His natal Jupiter and Saturn, neighbors in the solar system, are in an exact opposition to each other (within 10 seconds). Jupiter sits in Sagittarius, its home territory, meaning the planet does its job of magnifying anything and everything it touches with exceptional ease. But oppositions from Saturn are the hardest to contend with because Saturn is the great rules-follower and strict adherent to structure, discipline and tradition. That can bring a party down - a house party, work party and, who knows, maybe even the Democratic Party. Engaging those most potent and challenging tensions - the hard-to-swallow imbalance - is how we'll get past the pettiness of shallow politics.

How he can find balance in 2018

Free astrology consultation with me and challenge yourself. We aren't saying you don't do that already, what with being in the Senate and all. But what's the one personal challenge you haven't been able to give your time to, in spite of efforts to do so? Do that thing (and tell us about it; we'll write a story). With such strong placement in Libra, already the golden standard of personal balance, it'll take extra effort to figure out the right mix. Oh, and also, put your power to work for the people who don't have it.

How to contact Martin Heinrich

303 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington D.C. 20510

Washington phone: (202) 224-5521

Tom Udall

Born: May 18, 1947

Location: Tucson, Arizona

Sun sign: Taurus

Moon sign: Libra

Ruler of Sun and Moon Signs: Venus

Major aspect: Jupiter in Sagittarius oppose Uranus in Gemini

The low down

We see Taurus in your smile, Tom. That bull-like, grounded and steady salt-of-the-earthiness. Not to mention you're the oldest - and surely the wisest - of the congressional delegation for Northern New Mexico. Your sun is in a good spot, but Venus, the planet that rules both your sun and moon, is the recipient of a couple of squares. Those are difficult aspects to deal with because they demand we show up differently than we'd prefer. The Venus-Neptune square in your chart translates to expansive, energizing ideas, and lots of them, but with intense reality checks in the middle. Sounds like trying to get legislation through Congress. Even with the hard aspects, it's still a functional environment for you.

How he can find balance in 2018

Free astrology consultation with me and give your natal Jupiter, that lies in Sagittarius, freedom to roam in a way that's in tune with Uranus, placed at 24 degrees of Gemini. Make sure those big ideas are innovative in the ways that you find creative and exciting. It's okay when those ideas are a little risky because Uranus is a little risky. To really break down the structures that keep New Mexicans from realizing their potential will demand nothing less. Oh, and also, put your power to work for the people who don't have it.

How to contact Tom Udall

531 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington D.C. 20510

Washington phone: (202) 224-6621