A series on creating connections

Connections within groups, meetings


After reading this article, you may never see and experience a group gathering or meeting as you did before. It is amazing how many different dynamics, levels and connections are happening all at once. When you carefully observe people interacting, it will be like looking through different sets of glasses and peepholes and it may feel like peeling layers off of an onion (without the tears). Below are many dynamics, levels and connections that will give you new and fresh eyes with which to see. In any single meeting or gathering, you will find many or all of these dimensions and connections:

Individual - Within any person at any time anywhere, much is happening in body, mind and spirit. They came from a previous event, experience or mindset. After this gathering, they will be moving on to another experience, place or meeting. All sorts of thoughts, feelings and moods are happening internally.

Total group - No matter what the size of the meeting, you can see a shape, form and pattern(s) if you step back and view the group as a whole. It may be tight-knit, scattered or constantly changing. The group is an entity unto itself.

Small groups - There are usually cliques of where people sit, with whom they sit or how they position their chairs. The small group is an entity within the larger entity.

Organization - Most groups gather (organize) around a common topic, interest or need. Each individual has a unique connection to the organization's purpose. And these unique connections will play out in interesting interactions.

Culture - This may expose itself in the form of one's ethnic background. Or it could be the norms of how this group works or does business together. It could take the shape of age, economic or life situation orientation.

Political - This dimension may be very blatant or quite hidden in a variety of political terms. There could be a dynamic of eldership, management level or essence of status. Someone could be the boss, a 103-year-old or dignitary.

Environmental - In face of a disaster near or far, a mood is created (9/11, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma). External noises have an impact on tone, mood or ability to present clearly or hear (a thunderstorm, being near an airport, a loud party).

Trust - Each person within the team may well have a different level of trust with other people or the total group and how it functions.

Values - Each person has their own set of values that may fit with the group or may be in conflict with another person or people. Each group typically will have its own core values known, stated, unknown or not stated.

And there are more dynamics and connections, such as leadership, knowledge, awareness, satisfaction, motivation, fun or boredom. Wow, how very varied our groups and meeting connections can be!

Think of all the multiple connections happening simultaneously and the overall complexity of layers upon layers being synthesized - or not - by you and others.

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