Chamber gathers business owners


The Taos County Chamber of Commerce held an informal coffee sit-down Thursday at Old Martina's Hall with members of the Association of Commerce and Industry, a lobbying group that looks out for the interests of bushiness at the state level.

A small representation of the Taos area business community gathered for coffee and conversation as members of the ACI discussed their role in helping businesses at the legislative level. The group is active in talking to state politicians of the concerns of local chambers of commerce like the TCCC and hearing the local business owners suggestions, questions and issues. The meeting was held as a relaxed question and answer session with just under 20 members of the business community attended.

“Business owners can voice to the state chamber (ACI) what they would like to see move forward as far as initiative, economics and policy,” said Lindsey Pfaff, TCCC Director of Membership and Events.

Representatives of real estate agencies, finance companies and others were present at the meeting which the ACI does annually to reach the smaller business communities like Taos and other reaches of the Enchanted Circle.