Carson National Forest alleges vandals damaged fence


A fence constructed by Carson National Forest Service employees was "torn apart and partially dismantled" in Miranda Canyon sometime between Friday (Nov. 17) and Sunday (Nov. 19), according to a press release from the Forest Service.

While the release alleges the fence was wrecked by vandals, law enforcement has initiated an investigation to determine the true cause of the damage.

The Forest Service purchased the Miranda Canyon area to protect it from development, but the 5,000-acre plot has been used as a dumping ground, "now inundated with household trash, construction debris and discarded furniture," the release states.

Employees have not yet repaired the fence, but are exploring options to do so in the near future.

The Forest Service has said their efforts to protect the area will not be deterred by any "vandalism."

Anyone with any information regarding the vandalism is encouraged to call the Camino Real Ranger District at (575) 587-2255.