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Carson National Forest begins random recreation surveys


The Carson National Forest has started to conduct relational surveys known as "National Visitor Use Monitoring." The surveys happen every five years and are meant to help forest managers understand local recreation patterns, trends and needs.

The data will show the number of visitors to the forest, input on the economic impact that visitors have on the local economy, how satisfied people are with their visit and suggestions for improvements.

Surveys are conducted in-person and will take place on random days from October 2017 through September 2018 on the Camino Real, Canjilón, El Rito, Questa and Tres Piedras ranger districts, according to a press release from the Carson National Forest.

The survey is voluntary and all information is confidential. The basic interview lasts approximately six minutes.

"We would appreciate it if visitors, including those from out-of-town and the local area, would take a few minutes to answer some questions.

Interviews collected will represent a diverse group of people and will ensure a well-represented population of forest visitors," said Denise Ottaviano, spokesperson for the Carson.