Black Mesa to close Taos Tasting Room


After nearly five years of serving local wine, arts and music, the Black Mesa Winery will be closing its Taos Tasting Room at the end of the year.

Winery owners Jerry and Lynda Burd have decided to close their Ledoux Street location and focus on their original location in Velarde. The Tasting Room will operate under normal business hours until its Dec. 30 going-away party, a musical event to close the year and the doors.

The local winery, which has tallied more than 600 members in their 'wine club', will still operate out of Velarde.

"I enjoyed the artists that came through, and then there were the musicians. They made me smile," said Jerry Burd. "It was always the drive home at night that was a little more of a challenge than I was up to after working all day at the winery."

According to Burd, despite the best efforts of those involved, the Taos location was just not bringing in enough revenue to keep the bills paid. While being only a short distance away from the Taos Plaza, Jerry said droves of tourists just weren't making their way to the tasting room location. The company made several attempts to catch skier traffic in the past and held several artist and musical events to bring in tourists but had a strong collection of locals instead who always made an effort to stop by.

When they opened the tasting room, Jerry and Lynda thought the small location would attract more foot traffic than it did, but said they thoroughly enjoyed being part of the community in Taos.

"Most of it, I think, is connected to being a little off of the main tourist path," said Jerry. "The locals and the musicians did a great job, but we were just not able to get enough tourists to cover the expenses."

When asked about his employees at the Taos location, Jerry said he had great employees and hardly had to be present at all as they kept the operation running smooth.

The winery will be remember in Taos as a place for artists and musicians to show their talents and always had art from local painters and photographers hanging on the walls while musicians entertained the wine drinkers at the bar. No scheduling changes will be affected by the closure and all events will continue as planned for the month of December.