Births at Holy Cross Hospital – March 2018


March 1

Arabella Ariah Rose Gonzales, born to Valerie Maryalda Hernandez and James William Gonzales Jr.

March 2

Klarissa Wynn Frawner, born to Lauren Renae Frawner and Kristopher Waye Frawner

March 5

Rush Azi Dunbar, born to Leann Michelle Dunbar and Kai Dunbar

March 7

Alexander James Hendricks, born to Elizabeth Loren Bishop and Caleb Lynn Hendricks

Angelo Amarante Maestas, born to Delilah Marie Martinez and Angelo Fidencio Maestas

March 8

Axen Ray Hopper, born to Nathasha Naomi Fell and Dylan White Hawk Hopper

March 9

Ruben Tomas Silva, born to Shyann Kee Jackson and Lester Tomas Silva Jr.

March 12

Andrew Paul Grubbs, born to Jessica Allyn Snider and Andrew Morgan Grubbs

March 16

Paisley Kyline Apocaca, born to Erica Deeyn Apodaca and Roman Kyle Apodaca

March 17

Lillianna Daniella Fernandez, born to Rebbeca Dolores Casias and Noah Hall Hardaway

March 24

Roman Anthony Cordova, born to Adrianna Leigh Anglada and Anthony Allen Cordova

March 25

John Michael Gaillour, born to Ashley Gaillour and John Jerome Gaillour

March 27

Lorenzo Mateo Serrano, born to Christine Celina Serrano and Paul Derek Serrano