Bikers know best: State wants cyclists to draw planning map


The New Mexico Department of Transportation has launched an interactive map that gives bicyclists the chance to put their firsthand experience of biking across New Mexico's roadways to use for future planning and prioritizing different routes.

People interested in submitting their ideas, suggestions and trail routes can use the interactive map to "identify currently used or potential bike routes and complete a questionnaire on user preferences," according to the Oct. 11 announcement of the "Prioritized Statewide Bicycle Network Plan," or "New Mexico Bike Plan."

The state called the information submitted by cyclists and other users of state roads and highways for commuting, recreation or touring "valuable" in actually singling out needed biking facilities around New Mexico.

In addition to routes, the state is seeking comment on design standards and ideas for how to integrate bikeways into ongoing road maintenance.

Consultants for the bike plan will host three public meetings across the state in the coming months, which will be posted on the Department of Transportation website. The public comment period for this portion of the planning process is open through the end of December.

Visit to see and contribute to the interactive map.