Big brothers, big sisters create connections, understanding


Have you ever had a situation where something really stressful was going on in your life and you had to maintain your productivity at work?

Maybe you just suffered a loss of a pet or a breakup. Maybe you have a house full of relatives during the holidays. Maybe you aren't getting along with your roommate and you are wondering what to do.

There are all kinds of things that, at times, affect us on an emotional level. And yet, we as adults still need to go to work and get it done. But these things still affect us. And then you go see your friend across the hall. Or you meet up with a friend or a family member and you talk. Nothing earth shattering, you just talk. Remember that feeling of connection? Feeling understood?

Now think about the child in school who may be dealing with equally stressful circumstances. Sometimes it is difficult to understand how to help, or even to know what is going on with them. We as adults just notice the side effects, the slipping grades, the inattention, the acting out. The good news is the same thing that helps you when you're stressed, helps them as well. We can't solve all of their problems but we can be that connection, that friend, that person who shows up.

This is the situation with one local match through Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

Bobbie Jean has been Delilah's Big Sister for over two years now. They started out seeing each other in school. They both admit they were nervous when they first met. Bobbie Jean says when she went to see Delilah at school she would be surrounded by children, making it difficult to see her one-on-one. Bobbie believes children are "hungry for relationships." They may have their parents, teachers and other authority figures, but it's a different kind of relationship when you have someone who provides that "safe zone," someone to talk to, to set a good example, someone who shows up consistently.

After a while it became clear just how much seeing Bobbie Jean on a consistent basis was helping Delilah. Both Delilah's teacher and parents have noticed a positive change in Delilah since being matched with Bobbie Jean. She is doing much better in school, she's happy, has no issues with classmates and her attendance has improved.

When Bobbie Jean was out of town for over a month last summer, Delilah became distant and just didn't seem like herself when the Support Specialist would talk to her. Even Bobbie Jean noticed the difference when she would try to text or call Delilah. The good news was that once Bobbie Jean was back, it didn't take them a long time to "get back on track." After one outing, Delilah was back to her happy self with Bobbie Jean.

Bobbie Jean sincerely cares for Delilah and knows just how much potential she has. Bobbie Jean is her biggest supporter. She says "I will never give up on her and I will always be there for Delilah."

Bobbie Jean and Delilah's match was highlighted in a video produced over the summer by True Kids1. You can view their video and two others highlighting Taos/Colfax matches on our Facebook page Big Brothers Big Sisters Mountain Region Taos/Colfax. If you would like to learn more about volunteering to be a mentor, call (575) 779- 0003 or visit our website at