Best of Taos 2016

For the people, by the people


Best of Taos is not political-style voting. It's really not the least bit scientific or predictive. In this poll of Taoseños, frequent visitors and ex-pats, we seek to find out what service providers, food, watering holes, galleries, retailers (and many other categories) you like best. The votes aren't bought. There are no chards to inspect. No court gets involved. No lines. No I.D. required. No protestors. No super PACs. The Taos News employees do not vote or factor into the results in any way whatsoever. Over the last 18 years, The Best of Taos has remained just a straight-up count; the most votes win.

Opinions are just that and don't always reflect everyone's choices, but we feel this is the fairest system. If any of the results are displeasing to you, then spread the word for who you think is deserving in the 2017 survey, which will be available in March or April of next year.

Back in 1998, when the Best of Taos issue was born, surveys were filled out on paper ballots, stuffed into garbage bags and tossed into the editor's office. Since 2012, we've put the survey online so readers can directly respond making the process much smoother, plus the editor isn't found drowning in paper mumbling something about blurry vision and paper cuts.

Many thanks to the 2,333 people who cast their votes and responded to our essay questions. The latter are always good for a laugh, debate or sometimes they just trigger a contemplating chin scratch.

From all of us at The Taos News, a hearty congratulations to the winners. Look for Best of Taos banners peppered throughout town.

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