By Bernie Linnartz
For The Taos News

Being present

A series on creating connections


Remember the days as a child during the first class of the school day, the teacher would call roll name by name and when our name was called, we would answer that we were "present"? That statement of being present gave indication that we were there physically, yet we mentally may have been absent. The intention of this article is to consider being present in terms of awareness, consciousness, sensitivity and how being present enables creating connections with others.

Awareness is about knowledge and perception. It is more than a physical presence. We perceive what is around us - objects, people, light, dark, noise, silence, fresh air, stuffiness or nothing. The knowledge of the environment that surrounds us creates the presence of where we are and with whom we might be. Such awareness can include what is going on within ourselves. That could be thoughts, feelings, insights, questions or a wide range of emotions. In terms of being present, what are you aware of right now?

Consciousness is certainly related to awareness, yet can have additional dimensions. To be unconscious could mean being asleep versus awake, yet the subconscious could be active. Spirituality can be a form of consciousness. Being in an altered state by means of a drug, hypnosis or meditation can be a dimension of consciousness. Being in a state of higher consciousness can be described in terms of being an objective observer of self, surroundings, others or our own interactions with others. Consciousness typically has to do with the mind, but may or may not be related to or limited to what any of our senses indicate. In terms of being present, what is your state of consciousness right now?

Sensitivity can be directly related to one or all of our senses or it can be related to levels of tolerance of different kinds. Some folks are sensitive to bright lights or loud sounds or certain specific environments or situations. Sensitivity can be regarding care, concern, love for someone or something. In terms of being present, what are you sensitive to right now?

When we are being present physically and with awareness of, consciousness of and sensitivity to another, it is a gift beyond measure or full description. It creates a connection that can change a life in any work or life context and can change the world.

Our consideration of being present in this article is different than most articles. You may be asking, "What does this have to do with management?" Being present has to do with managing everything. If we take managing our life and work seriously, it is a matter of choosing to be present with every person, customer, friend, family or foe - so that we can live life and do business to our full potential as a human being, in service to all humanity.

Being present creates connections with self, nature, the universe and with everyone and everything in the world. Enjoy creating connections!

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